Googlehas added parental controls to its Google Assistant platform. This comes after the tech giant introduced parent-controlled watchlists on Google TV and revamped its parental control appFamily Link. The tech giant recently acquired an AI avatar startup, Alter.

According to a TechCrunch report, the new features will roll out to Google Home, Family Link, and Google Assistant apps on iOS and Android in the coming weeks. Users will require a Google Account managed through Family Link and Voice Match enabled to use these features.

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These controls will help parents to configure services, restrict kids from making calls and limit the results they can get from the Assistant. Parents will be able to set up downtime hours for Google Assistant as well. 

In addition, the update will have kid-friendly features and new voices. A Kids Dictionary will help Google Assistant to provide age-appropriate answers detected by way of the voice-matching feature when a kid accesses. According to Google, this will work across smart speakers, smart displays, and mobile devices. 

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