Google is reportedly testing a feature that would allow Chromebook users to set custom keyboard shortcuts. According to a report by The Verge, a keyboard shortcut editor was found by About Chromebooks’ Kevin Tofel in the ChromeOS 111 beta, which can be accessed by enabling flags with names like “enable-shortcut-customisation-app” and “improved-keyboard-shortcuts.”

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The shortcut viewer was first seen in October 2022, as per ARS Technica. A screenshot of the viewer was also shared in the same report.

A preview of the shortcut editor

A preview of the shortcut editor

From the preview, it is seen that the shortcut editor would allow users to add alternative shortcuts to common shortcuts, according to ARS Technica. The screen also has options to reset the defaults for both specific shortcuts and for all the shortcuts, the report by The Verge noted.

Although these shortcuts can be set, they are currently not enabled.

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The current version of ChromeOS lets users view existing, default shortcuts.