Google is opening up access to Search Labs for users to experiment with generative AI technology, including the Search Generative Experience, before a wider launch.

The tech giant said in a blog post that the new generative AI-powered Search Experience would help users understand topics faster and get things done more easily. “So instead of asking a series of questions and piecing together that information yourself, Search now can do some of that heavy lifting for you,” Google wrote.

Google Search will now provide an AI-powered snapshot so users can get help understanding factors that need to be considered while entering a query. 

The new experience also encompasses a Shopping integration. Google noted that users could search for things like “Peel and stick wallpaper for kitchen” to learn about important factors, like if it is easy to remove and get a list of options, including price, customer ratings and links to purchase.

“This experiment is our first step in adding generative AI to Search, and we will be making many updates and improvements over time. As we continue to reimagine how we can make it even more natural and intuitive to find what you are looking for, we are excited for you to test out these new capabilities and share feedback along the way,” Google wrote.