ChatGPT, a chatbot that answers questions in an interactive way and in a uniform language, reports having its clone apps flooded in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI, has been the talk of the tech world since its launch in November 2022. Over time, few app developers are seen taking advantage of the ChatGPT trend and audience attraction by developing dubious ChatGPT apps.

Notably, ChatGPT is a free-to-use site for everyone and does not have any official app on Play Store or App Store. As per reports, there are many new apps that are taking advantage of the GPT-3.

Clone apps of ChatGPT include - Write for Me GPT AI Assistant, Genie-GPT AI Assistant, and others. ‘ChatGPT Chat GPT AI With GPT-3’ is one of the fake app that is topping the chart.

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A developer with Twitter username nisten, tweeted about ChatGPT fake clone that is doing rounds on Google Play Store. This fake clone of ChatGPT is rated with 1 star and has over 100k downloads.

Same situation can be seen on App Store. Austen Allred, Founder and CEO of Bloomtech, took to Twitter to inform about fake clone apps of ChatGPT. In Austen’s tweet, he gave the example of ChatGPT Pro and said, “The iOS App Store is full of folks putting ChatGPT into a paid wrapper with ambiguous language that would let you believe you’re paying for ChatGPT.”