Google will enable a new feature on SafeSearch filtering to blur explicit imagery if it appears in Search results. In an announcement on Tuesday on the occasion of Safer Internet Day, the tech giant posted that this setting will be the new default for users who do not already have the SafeSearch filter turned on, with the option to adjust settings at any time.

SafeSearch filtering is switched on by default for signed-in users under the age of 18.

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Under other tools that will help users navigate family-friendly content, Google stated that a YouTube Kids playlist called ‘Build a Safer Internet’ was launched. This features kid-friendly tips and songs on internet safety and mindful screentime.

“The playlist will feature content that raises awareness about the safe, responsible, and positive use of technology for families,” the post said.

Securing personal information

Google also announced new features to help users safeguard personal information and online activity. Users will now be able to use biometric authentication for Chrome on supported computers before filling in saved passwords.

This feature can also be used to securely edit, copy, and reveal passwords saved with Google Password Manager in Chrome and Android, without having to type in your computer password every time, the post added.

In addition, Google is also working on FaceID for the Google app on iOS to protect user privacy.

Other announcements include virtual cards now being available to American Express customers.

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