ChatGPT, an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, was launched in November 2022. ChatGPT, according to the company, is a chatbot model that “interacts in a conversational way.” The chatbot responds to follow-up questions, acknowledge errors, challenge false assumptions, and reject improper requests.

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Just like social media apps, OpenAI allows users to delete or deactivate their ChatGPT account. Note that account deletion is permanent that deletes all data associated with the account. Whereas, when a user deactivates a ChatGPT account, data associated with the account will remain, and the user can rejoin the platform at any time. 

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Know how to delete ChatGPT account

According to OpenAI, users can delete an account through help chat while logged into the website.

Users will have to click on the ‘help’ button in the top right corner and click to ‘send us a message.’ Then, they will have to opt for ‘account deletion’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

Users can also write to “” The company will acknowledge users’ requests and send a confirmation when the deletion has been completed. Nevertheless, it may take up to four weeks to process account deletion.

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