Google has opened access to its Bard AI chatbot to more than 180 countries. The tech giant removed the waitlist and introduced additional features. However, the program is still in the beta phase. Bard AI was only available to users in the US and UK via a waitlist.

The tech giant earlier this month opened its chatbot Bard AI for all users with Workspace accounts.

The chatbot supports the new PaLLM2 language model and will be available in Japanese and Korean. Google will reportedly add 40 more languages soon. According to Google, the chatbot has been imbibed into 25 products, including Gmail and Maps. 

How to use Bard AI

Step 1: Head to Google Bard webpage:

Step 2: Select the “Try me” option at the bottom-right corner of the page.

Step 3: Accept Google Bard’s privacy policy.

Now, you can start accessing the chatbot.