Facebook does not let you delete the account easily. If you go to the settings page, you will only see the link to deactivate the Facebook account , not delete it.

Why should you delete the account? Isn’t deactivating it enough? No. Because ‘deactivating’ a Facebook account only means you are out of it temporarily. To exit Facebook totally, you have to delete the account.

Step 1: What will happen if you delete your account in facebook

Go here: https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account

On this page, Facebook warns you about what will happen if you delete the account:

“If you want to permanently delete your Facebook account, let us know. Once the deletion process has begun, you won't be able to reactivate your account or retrieve any of the content or information that you've added.”


Step2:  Permanently delete facebook account

A Facebook Help section details what happens if you permanently delete the account:

    You won't be able to reactivate your account.

    Your profile, photos, posts, videos, and everything else you've added will be permanently deleted.

    You won't be able to retrieve anything you've added.

    You'll no longer be able to use Facebook Messenger.

    You won't be able to use Facebook Login for other apps you may have signed up for with your Facebook account, like Spotify or Pinterest. You may need to contact the apps and websites to recover those accounts.

    Some information, like messages you sent to friends, may still be visible to them after you delete your account. Copies of messages you have sent are stored in your friends' inboxes.

Step 3: Download your information before using facebook account delete option

Which essentially means you won’t get your Facebook back again unless you register for a fresh account. Facebook helpfully gives an option to deactivate the account so that you can get back the account later.

So, before deciding to permanently delete your Facebook account, download your information if you want from the ‘Download your information’ link in the page.

If you are the only developer for some Facebook platform apps, your developer account will also be deleted. If you are the only administrator of any app, the app will also be deleted.

Step 4:  Just click on delete facebook account link

Next, gather all your courage and click on the Delete Account link. That’s it. That’s the end of Facebook for you.

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