WhatsApp has been making life easier over the years in different ways, and now, it brings the hassle-free net banking experience. There’s good news for HDFC bank holders as WhatsApp lets users stay updated with their bank details sitting at home, skipping the long bank queues. One will be able to view their account balance, available credit limit on credit card, IFSC code for a particular branch, Fixed Deposit summary, and more services.

Here’s how one can stay updated about their account with HDFC

Registration with WhatsApp: The first step would be to register with WhatsApp and link the specific HDFC account. Here, one needs to give a missed call or SMS SUB to 7065970659 from the registered mobile number with the bank. The HDFC WhatsApp banking number is 7065970659.

Start enjoying the perks

After registration, save the HDFC WhatsApp banking number to your contacts and send a ‘Hi in the message window. Thereafter, one will get registered and can enjoy the various services provided through WhatsApp.

For the ones who do not hold an account with HDFC, they can use the process to know about various services offered by the bank.

If one wants to opt out of the service, an SMS will do it. One needs to send UNSUB from the registered mobile number to the same number used at the time of registration.

Know about privacy and security

The HDFC website says all messages are secured with end-to-end encryption and account information is not shared with anyone. One do not need to enter any confidential information, such as PIN or password on WhatsApp.

An user may keep app locks and other app safety features for more security.