Apple’s iPhone users can take a “scrolling screenshot” to capture a multi-page PDF document, website, e-mail, etc. in a single click. This can be done without the use of any third-party apps to stitch together multiple screenshots.

It is to be noted that scrolling screenshots can be taken only for documents or pages that exceed the length of the iPhone screen.

How to take a scrolling screenshot on iPhone
  • Step 1: Open the multi-page or long document/site/email/page that needs to be captured.
  • Step 2: Press the power button and increase volume button simultaneously.
  • Step 3: Tap the screenshot preview that pops up in the lower left corner.

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  • Step 4: Select the ‘Full Page’ option above the screenshot.
  • Step 5: Click ‘Done’.
  • Step 6: Once the scrolling screenshot is ready, choose to save it as PDF to Files.

The scrolling screenshot can be found in the ‘Files’ app.