Apple Inc said it has resolved the issues that caused outages to its iMessage service after complaints earlier on Thursday, as the tech behemoth grappled with disruptions to its cloud services for the third time this week.

User reports complaining of iMessage outages on started climbing shortly after 4:20 pm ET, and later hit over 1,100.

Apple was hit with similar outages earlier this week that knocked off services like its mobile App Store and music streaming service.

The company did not respond to a request for comment on the reasons for the recent outages.

Apple's corporate staff working from home and retail workers also faced tech issues on Monday due to domain name system (DNS) issues, according to Bloomberg News.

In a number of incidents last year, issues with DNS - an address book of the internet which enables computers to match website addresses with the correct server, caused widespread outages on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, and brought down websites of airlines and banks for several hours.

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