India is among the top three countries, after China and the US, where most of the malware infections for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices originated this year, IT company Microsoft said on Wednesday.

Analysing 2022 threat data across countries, Microsoft researchers found the largest share of IoT malware, 38 per cent of the total, originating from China's large network footprint.

Infected servers in the US put the country in the second place, with 18 per cent of observed malware distribution, the Microsoft Cyber Signals Report said.

"Microsoft researchers found that India is amongst the top 3 countries originating IoT malware infection in 2022. Therefore, the cyberthreat landscape is real and security is the need of the hour," the report said.

According to data shared in the report, India accounts for 10 per cent of IoT malware infections.

The researchers observed IoT malware threats across traditional IT equipment, operational technology (OT) controllers and IoT devices such as routers and cameras.

"The spike in attackers' presence in these environments and networks is fuelled by the convergence and interconnectivity many organisations have adopted over the past few years," the report said