N Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons on Tuesday said entrepreneurs should work towards technology that could help resolve issues of unemployment and lack of access to facilities.

Addressing the the annual flagship event of TiE Mumbai, he said, “Innovative digital solutions in all industries, especially in health care sector can solve and address issues of employment at least on the lower level.” According to Chandrasekaran, as most of the people in the country are in uorganised sectors, it becomes important to train them with skills in the digital space so to reduce the unemployment issue.

Speaking about the challenge of lack of jobs in the informal and unorganised sectors, he said, “The challenge is that we are not creating enough jobs for the unorganised sectors to move them to organised sectors. The other issue is lack of decent pay and quality of life and the lack of access to medicare, education and financial services.”

Giving the example of lack of access, Chandrasekaran said, the lack of access to basic medical care is a huge issue. “We have only 0.7 doctors for every 20 patients, in abroad, there are at least 3-4 doctors per 20 patients.” He added that according to a study done by Tatas the average time spent with a doctor is less than two minutes per patient. It was practically impossible to double the need of doctors as per requirement, however, innovative solutions could solve these issues.

He suggested that the tech entrepreneurs should work on technologies, algorithms, deep learning, machine learning, automation in different industries to free up the lower level.