Mumbai-based crowdfunding platform is planning to add another 20 employees in this year, which is in addition to the 15 new hires during the past three months of lockdown. The company has also raised over Rs 100 crore from individuals and corporates for Covid-19 causes.

The hiring will result in the company’s total workforce increase by 50 per cent from the 98 personnel it employed before the lockdown, Ketto Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Varun Sheth said.

“We have seen four times growth in business in the last four months, and the new hiring across departments is to manage growth and offer better customer experience. The company would be also building new products for customers,” Sheth said.

The recruitment would be for the technology department, product managers, support executives, business development and social media personnel. The hiring would be across Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata, he added.