Security Quotient, the cyber security awareness service provider, has become the only company in Asia to be recognised in The Frost Radar, the rating system created by Frost & Sullivan. The Kochi-based firm is one of 16 companies globally to be featured in the rating system.

The Frost Radar selected Security Quotient under the category ‘Security Awareness and Training Solution Providers’.

Unlike other technology providers in the cyber security space, Security Quotient focuses on the human factor. Unlike machines, humans are psychologically vulnerable. Cyber criminals exploit this fact, and the increasing number of fake messages, phishing emails and other online scams corroborate this fact.

To counter this, Security Quotient creates behaviour-focused cyber security training solutions that help corporate employees to detect and prevent cyber attacks like phishing and ransomware.

From its offices in Kochi and Singapore, the company has delivered security awareness training for clients in 24 countries across four continents in 11 languages. Some of the reputed brands that use the firm's services include Flipkart, Disney Star, Vodafone, Federal Bank and Sony, apart from 18 banks and financial service providers in West Asia.

"Cyber security risks have evolved from stealing data to putting human lives at risk. For example, a ransomware attack on a hospital network can cripple emergency rooms and operating theatres and wreak havoc with human lives. Hence, our objective is to enable people with the right knowledge and skills to stay safe from attacks," said Anup Narayanan, the Founder and CEO.