Kolkata-based Bit Canny Tech plans six-fold jump in hiring

Abhishek Law | | Updated on: Jan 19, 2018

Kolkata-based technology company, Bit Canny Technologies, is looking to expand operations.

The company is targeting a six-fold jump in hiring — from the existing 50 to 300 over the next three years, with a third of this addition (100 people) being done by December this year.

Bit Canny, a three-year-old company, is the off-shore development partner (does software coding and technology solutions) for California-based Rently. The development centre is based out of Kolkata.

According to Luv Mehta, Managing Director, Bit Canny, the popularity of Rently’s “lockbox” technology and smart-home solutions (based on the Internet of Things concept) will lead to increased business development opportunities for his company.

Currently, Rently’s “lockbox” — a patent pending technology that allows prospective clients to inspect rental properties without property managers by obtaining temporary pass-keys via a QR code — and, smart-home solutions such as keyless locks, thermostats, door and window sensors, and alarms have generated quite a buzz in its home market.

New technologies

The development of the next version of offerings in smart-home solutions (for Rently), including mobile apps, are expected to open up growth opportunities for the Kolkata-based company.

The second phase involves new devices being added and a mobile app being developed on the Android and iOS platforms. Home owners and other users will be able to fully control, access and manage devices using their mobile phones.

“The development of such (specialised) technologies will require manpower. Hence, we are looking to increase our hiring. We intend to add 100 by December this year and 200 more in the following two years,” Mehta said, adding that the development centre will also be expanded.

The expansion of operations will be in Kolkata only.

New recruitment will be across the mid- and senior levels with the focus on developers, designers and business analysts. The company has not resorted to campus recruitments so far.

According to him, the increased popularity of Rently’s existing offerings is expected to give a three-fold-jump to his revenues (turnover) by the end of this fiscal. Bit Canny is targeting a revenue of Rs 15 crore by FY-16, as against Rs 5 crore last fiscal.

“With the new products and offerings, our turnover is expected to witness 100 per cent growth in the coming years,” Mehta added.

Published on January 30, 2016
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