November 18

Global risk and financial advisory solutions company, Kroll plans to expand its service offering in the country and will hire 400-500 people in the next year. The company is also developing a technology solution in its global technology hub in Hyderabad, which it expects to introduce to its global product portfolio in 2023, said Dave Kothari, Managing Director, Global Business Solutions, Kroll.

“Our data operation team in Hyderabad is building a product, like an application programming interface (API), and we intend to offer our first technology-enabled solution to global customers by Q3 of 2023,” said Kothari.

Additionally, the company said that for its Indian clients, it will add services, including corporate finance services, such as fairness opinions through our Indian entity, Kroll Advisory Private Limited, a SEBI-registered category 1 merchant banker, and a new service line called expert services that help with disputes on construction-related projects, explained Kothari.

In India, Kroll has close to 350 clients and primarily provides services in the areas of valuations, transaction advisory, and forensic investigations. Kothari elaborated, “India is the fifth largest economy in the world and is an important location for us. In CY21, we generated $10 million from our Indian operations, and anticipate a 35 per cent increase in our India business in the next year. 

As the company plans to expand its service offerings, it will hire an additional workforce. Currently, the financial advisory firm employs 900 people in India. “We will add another 400-500 people in the next year,” stated Kothari. In India, the company has offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi.

Globally, the company says it caters to over 8,000 clients across 140 markets and employs more than 6,500 professionals. It made $1.8 billion in revenue in CY21.

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