The outgoing year gifted Riafy Technologies with a milestone achievement, as users chose the company’s novel app as their ‘favourite’, finding ‘Dance Workout for Weight Loss’ among Google Play’s Best of 2022 Awards.

The app provides original and customised ways to support people in maintaining their physical and mental fitness. With a creative solution to add fun to daily workouts, it mixes dance with a workout routine, guaranteeing a holistic experience.

Riafy is being incubated under Kerala Startup Mission, the nodal agency of the government for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities in the State.

The app, available in 11 languages, is used by lakhs of users in 176 countries. With the ‘pandemic pounds’ phenomenon, several individuals suffered from acute weight problems and associated health issues, unable to access fitness regimes.

The award, which was announced in September at the Google Developer summit in Bengaluru, was given over to the company at the Global Huddle meet in Thiruvananthapuram recently.

With a social motto to create a healthy generation by making people move with dance, Riafy plans to scale the apps’ users to nearly one million by end-2023, according to the company’s Co-founder and CEO John Mathew.

“Into our 10th year, we are also planning to enhance the user experience by making use of its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities and relational intelligence engine,” he added.

In less than eight years, the Riafy team’s innovative work has gained international attention from Google and Apple. The company was the first Indian developer to be featured at Google I/O, the world’s largest Android conference (2015), and has since been showcased for four consecutive years. Riafy’s consumer-end products are used by 45 million people in 160 countries and 27 global languages.