Microsoft has announced a host of features for Windows 11, including privacy settings, VPN access, account badging, and live captions.

The tech giant is tweaking its already available privacy settings for users to “allow or block” access to presence sensor information and enable or disable presence sensing features such as the wake-on approach.

Microsoft is launching a ‘glanceable VPN’ on the Windows 11 taskbar for users to find their VPN status easily and access it via quick settings. “If your device is connected to a recognised VPN, a small shield icon will appear over the active network connection on your taskbar, keeping you focused and in your flow,” the tech giant said in a blog post.

The new account badging feature will allow users to receive an alert on their start menu when their account needs attention, informing them if their account is protected. Microsoft has enabled built-in security from chip to cloud. Windows 11 PCs equipped with Pluton benefit from built-in technology that provides more resilience to malware, protection against hardware attacks, and additional credential protection.

Microsoft is also expanding language support for the ‘live captions feature’ to support 10 additional languages spanning 21 regions. The company has also announced Bluetooth Low Energy Audio support, bringing high-quality audio at low power, delivering better experiences for calls, videos, and music on compatible devices, including wireless earbuds such as the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. 

Meanwhile, the tech giant has launched a new AI-powered moderation service called Azure AI Content Safety to detect inappropriate content across images and text.l