Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, will soon be powered by ChatGPT version 4.0. GPT-4, the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4, is a neural network created by OpenAI. As per reports, Microsoft’s Bing Chat could allow users to access ChatGPT for everyone without requiring any login. Microsoft is also expected to incorporate ChatGPT into Office 360 and others. 

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Owen Yin, a user, shared his experience with the new Bing on Medium. He noted that the engine’s search bar was replaced by a large text box inviting users to ask anything in 1,000 characters or less. 

The company has not officially announced the release of the new and improved Bing version but it is rumoured to launch in the coming weeks. 

The tech giant recently announced a ChatGPT-powered Teams premium to simplify the meeting experience. The service is priced at $7 per month in June and $10 in July.

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