Microsoft-owned GitHub has laid off about 100 to 140 employees from its India office, primarily in engineering roles.

A GitHub spokesperson confirmed the development, saying: “As part of the reorganisation plan shared in February, workforce reductions were made today as part of difficult but necessary decisions and realignments to both protect the health of our business in the short term and grant us the capacity to invest in our long-term strategy, moving forward.”

Further, Gergely Orosz, who runs a technology newsletter called The Pragmatic Engineer, said in a tweet, “GitHub’s India engineering team is no more. Yesterday, the entire development team was let go at once. We are talking about 100 engineers. Engineers speculate this was done as teams were smaller than other locations, owning fewer and lower-priority stuff.”

Former GitHub engineer Devyani Chowdhury also confirmed by the development in response to Orosz tweet and said that she was also impacted by the layoffs. Chowdhury was based in Pune during her employment with GitHub. The impacted employees are being offered two months’ salary and severance pay based on their employment term with GitHub and other factors.

These layoffs have also impacted the GitHub team in the US. One of the impacted employees, Jamie Strusz, wrote in a tweet that she has been laid off from the company after working there for 7 years. Strusz was a Product Manager at GitHub based out of Seattle.

A closer look at layoffs  A closer look at layoffs  

Last month, GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke told employees that the company would let go of 10 per cent of its workforce and make the shift to a completely remote workforce. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has also announced plan to lay off 10,000 employees (almost 5 per cent of Microsoft’s total workforce) by third quarter of financial year 2023.

As the macroeconomic conditions worsen, big tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are working towards reducing their expenses. This has led to mass layoffs in the tech sector, impacting thousands of employees across the globe.

GitHub is an online platform for software developers to build, scale, and deliver secure software. Over 100 million people, including developers from 90 of the Fortune 100 companies, are said to use GitHub to build together over 330 million repositories. In 2018, Microsoft acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion in Microsoft stock.