Tech-giant Microsoft is rolling out the Walkie Talkie feature for all its users. This feature was announced two years ago and now it is available to all its users. The walkie talkie feature can be availed for both Android and iOS. 

To enable the Walkie Talkie feature, organisations should add the feature to App Set Up policy. The feature will be available within 48 hours. 

This feature was introduced focusing on the frontline workers and employees who are customer facing and run day-to-day operations inside the company. 

Walkie talkie provides instant push-to-talk communication for you with your team. With this feature, one needs to hold a button on the walkie talkie feature and release the button for everyone to listen. One has to tap the record button, record a message and send it. This feature can be used only with the users who join Microsoft Walkie Talkie. 

How to avail this feature

This feature will not be pre-installed, this feature should be added to the App Set Up policy. 

Step 1: Go to teams admin centre 

Step 2: Select Teams App

Step 3: Click on Setup policies

Step 4: Allow User Pinning setting to ‘On’

Step 5: Click on ‘+Add Apps’ under pinned App section

Step 6: On right your will find a panel

Step 7: Use the Search Tab to find Walkie Talkie 

Step 8: Walkie Talkie will be available on the ‘Pinned Apps’

Step 9: Tap on the Save Button