London-based consumer tech brand Nothing has opened the public waitlist for the invite-only pre-orders of its upcoming Phone (1) smartphone before the launch. This follows an invitation to Nothing’s private community, the first to secure pre-order spots for the smartphone.

The strategy is similar to what OnePlus did when it launched its first OnePlus One smartphone. This sale process is also applicable to buyers in India. Customers can pick up the device from Flipkart after it launches next month.

How to pre-book

Nothing has been sending its private community members the invitation to get a pre-order pass from June 24.

Users will be notified when they receive the invitation. Once they do, they can then head to Flipkart to secure their spot by paying a refundable ₹2,000 deposit. This can be done before June 30, 2022. “This step unlocks a special offer on Phone (1) accessory and exclusive pre-order offers,” the brand said.

It is to be noted that the pass only guarantees users access to a pre-order Phone (1). The pass is not equivalent to an actual pre-order itself. The pre-order needs to be placed on Flipkart.

“Post the launch of Nothing Phone (1), users can log on to Flipkart to select their choice of Phone (1) variant, choose special offers for Nothing accessories and make the full payment,” Nothing explained.

Their initial deposit will then be automatically deducted from the final price. However, users must confirm the order within seven days. Non-community users can sign up on the website to get on the waitlist via their account to get the pre-order pass.

Nothing earlier had shared details about the design and interface of its Phone (1). The smartphone features a transparent back with a mechanical design composed of over 400 components. The phone features the Glyph Interface.

Nothing had previously teamed up with the global platform StockX to auction the first 100 serialised units of Phone (1) via DropX, a direct-to-consumer product release method.