The National Career Counselling Portal, India’s largest job portal launched by Prime Minister Modi last month, will start organising virtual job fairs that will bring job seekers and providers across the country in touch with each other. While independent Employment Exchanges in States such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have recorded the largest number of placements in the country by organising physical job fairs, these States are now ahead of others in eliminating manual processes and going digital all the way.

In an exclusive interaction with BusinessLine on the sidelines of the Indian Staffing Federation’s National Conclave held in Bengaluru on Wednesday, Pravin Srivastava, Deputy Director General (E), Ministry of Labour & Employment, said “We started checking the feasibility of organising virtual job fairs with a small pilot in Bengaluru in mid-June through an NGO partner. It worked quite well. We tied up with one of our centres here to facilitate registrations after migrating job seeker data on the portal and got some 300 companies to sign up.”

Stating that the pilot is available as a platform for Employment Exchanges in the country to come on board, he said “We will start capacity building and training for Employee Exchange officers on this portal in September and allow them to get comfortable with the virtual process before we begin virtual job fairs.”

Eliminating jurisdictions

Over 4 crore job seekers are registered on 982 Employment Exchanges in the country, of which 4 lakh job seekers are placed in private and public sector companies every year. Until the national portal was launched, each Exchange could place registered job seekers within their own jurisdiction. The national portal will remove that jurisdiction.

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