Sagoon Inc, which is largely a social networking platform, aims to wean people away from spending time online as a habit with no particular reason.

It has, in the last six months, acquired more than 1.5 lakh registered users and shared more than 5 lakh messages and stories in pictures.

Stating that this online platform, unlike others, does not offer a service that adds to addiction, Govind Giri, Founder and Architect of Sagoon says, "our social apps are designed to add value to users” in their day-to-day life. A user is a member of the Sagoon Family. He or she gets a share of what the company earns".

Keeping this in mind, the 10-month-young start-up recently launched Sagoon Social Smart Card, to build its membership base. The digital card is based on an incremental value model with users seeing their card value go up each time they engage on Sagoon.

"We are not offering many features yet, though a lot of planning is in the pipeline," Giri said, declining to divulge more information.

He, however, hinted that Sagoon would partner vendors (Amazon, Flipkart, Sears and Target) and banks in the second quarter.

Reverting to yet another feature — Secret Share or Secret Messaging Tool — which remains at the core of Sagoon's application suite, he told BusinessLine that users discover secret messages in pictures or text and share it with the intended users.

"These secrets are self-destruct messages designed to leave no trace after the receiver views them. The user has a timer (60 seconds) to view and share the secret."

"Conversation Tool is a live chat option to connect users worldwide in realtime. Conversations has a window of up to 24 hours for those who were unable to attend group meetings but wish to be aware and partake in the conversation," Giri explained, before moving to ME Page or Professional Information Page, designed for students and job aspirants.

The job aspirant can showcase his likes and interests on the ME Page and give a detailed overview of his/her qualities, he added.