The 3D printing technology allows the developers print several complex structures. Apsuja Infratech, a Hyderabad-based construction company, has joined hands with  Simpliforge Creations, a 3D printing solutions company, to print the country’s first 3D printed temple for a residential community at Siddhipet in Telangana.

The three-part structure, with an area of 3,800 sq.ft, is 30-ft tall. The Shaivite temple comprises three sanctums, or garbhas. It was 3D printed by Simpliforge using their indigenously developed material and software. Each of the Garbhagudis cost Rs 3 lakh.

“Completely printed on-site, the temple’s striking dome-shaped structures including the Modak and the Lotus, presented formidable challenges that required the team to employ bespoke design techniques, analysis and construction methods,” Hari Krishna Jeedipalli, Managing Director of Apsuja Infratech, said.

“This construction takes care of the structural requirements, principles of temple design, 3D printing requirements, while dealing with the challenges of in-situ construction,” he said.

“This proof-of-concept also sets the stage for future applications in inaccessible areas like frontiers, high altitude areas, deserts and snowy regions with applications in challenging terrain, disaster-hit areas and defence applications,” Dhruv Gandhi, Chief Executive Officer of Simpliforge Creations, said.