You have a collection of 2D industrial designs but find it tough to explain the processes to key resources that are going to man critical infrastructure? Here’s a way to do it. Just turn them into a 3D animation by pointing your mobile camera to the set of designs?

Joe Biron, Chief Technology Officer, Internet of Things technology at PTC, has demonstrated a new solution that can virtually convert every 2D design or image into a 3D video.

To buttress his solution, Joe presents a Harvard Business Review article on the importance of Augmented Reality. Opening a specially made app on his tablet and pointing the camera to a 2D design in the article, he explained how the voluminous digital data of an organisation can be juxtaposed on images or blueprints to turn them into 3D animations.

Marrying the physical data with piles of digital data that are being generated by the minute can do wonders. The US-based techie built a toolkit that helps firms tap their digital data to augment their physical data to give better insights.

“Our tool kit help connect capabilities such as mobile, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics to help monitor and predict. For one, it can tell when a robot or a process is going to fail,” Biron told BusinessLine.

No coders needed

He says the solution only uses the digital data that’s lying in the servers. “You don’t need to hire any coders to write a code. You simply drag-and-drop from the animations that have already been created,” he says.

About 1,000 PTC customers are using the new module called ThingWorx Studio to work on different use cases.

The firm, which has 2,000 employees in Pune and Bengaluru facilities, is planning to double the business development team to 100 from the present 50 in the next few months.

PTC has set up Centre of Excellence in association with Capgemini in Mumbai. The CoE will work on PTC’s ThingWorx platform and tools to build specific solutions for different industry verticals.