o9 Solutions, an enterprise AI software platform provider, plans to foray into industry verticals like capital equipment manufacturing, automotive supply, and semiconductors, and also health sector in a bid to gain market share, said Chakri Gottemukkala, CEO and Co-Founder at o9 solutions. 

The company said it has managed to get some top logos in the verticals it plans to foray into. Going further, it aims to penetrate deeper into the said markets.

o9 Solutions said it has a strong presence in consumer products, fashion and apparel, retail, consumer electronics, and consumer durables verticals. Gottemukkala said, “In the next two or three years, we plan to take significant market share in these verticals.”

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In terms of the adoption of its offerings, Gottemukkala said, “Supply chain management continues to be a top discussion point and priority for most executives and global companies. Platforms offered by o9 with its differentiators are well-rooted in the market.”

The company predominantly offers solutions to large-scale companies. Going forward, it plans to enter sub billion market segment in the next two years. “We are looking at innovations to build other assets required to serve the lower-end revenue market,” said Gottemukkala. 

Presence in India

The company said it has a significant presence in India. o9 Solutions has R&D capabilities, product management, and delivery implementation functions in India. Gottemukkala said the company sees India as a high-end talent pool and intends to hire more employees. It also intends to establish a presence amongst the Indian customer base. 

“We want the Indian market to be aware of o9 as a global player and the opportunities the company is offering for the leaders to emerge in India and establish themselves in international markets,” Gottemukkala said. 

o9 Solutions is an AI-powered platform for integrated business planning and decision-making for enterprises and helps companies to drive demand, align demand and supply, or optimize commercial initiatives faster and smarter. The company has a global headcount of 2200 employees. Nestle, Walmart, Google, Pirelli, New Balance, ABInBev, Bridgestone, Estee Lauder, and KraftHeinz are some of o9’s global customers.