Digital transformation solutions company UST has received the ‘Changemaker of the Year’ award from the Global Sourcing Association (GSA) for its ‘open talent’ strategy. UST was recognised for a comprehensive strategy that allows it and its clients to gain a significant talent advantage by leveraging the freelancer talent ecosystem.

Solving unique issues

While concerns over data security, privacy, intellectual property, and confidentiality made it difficult for enterprises to leverage open talent at scale, UST’s unique approach solves these issues, a company spokesperson claimed here. With over 55 million qualified freelancers worldwide, UST’s approach opens up new possibilities.

The spokesperson said there are three aspects that make it transformational — access to the most diverse talent globally, ‘just-in-time’ availability, and assurance of service quality. It also creates significant downstream opportunities with partners and and serves as a guide that can help clients navigate this important transition.

Accessing talent sources

Vinod Kartha, Vice-President, Strategic Initiatives, UST, said, as the market adjusts to the unprecedented disruption of the past several years, the company has been able to create a solution that helps enterprises rethink how they design and execute projects without constraints around talent availability or access.

“The UST open talent is not just about changing traditional (out)sourcing models. It’s also about bringing the power of diversity of thought, gender and ethnicity to create a more inclusive and unmatched workforce that employees and clients can benefit from. There is no other firm in our space who has taken such a holistic approach,” Kartha claimed.

Tapping ‘freelance economy’

Manu Gopinath, Chief Operating Officer, UST, said the company’s proprietary new open talent service delivery model leverages the scalability and efficiency of the freelance economy.

High-fidelity and high-velocity resourcing through the world’s elite talent marketplaces ensure ensures the right expertise, at the right time, for exactly the right outcome for UST and UST’s clients. “The ‘cloud’ model, clearly successful in technology applications, is equally valuable when applied to talent models,” he added.

UST’s disruptive model

Dyan Finkhousen, Chief Strategy Officer, Open Assembly, and UST’s partner in the open talent journey said UST has launched a highly disruptive business model innovation.

“This is designed to orchestrate talent within and across an ecosystem of partners and provide high-precision, scalable and resilient access to expertise, capacity and solutions to drive talent transformation. UST is thus defining the future of the technology services industry,” he added.

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