OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot has transformed the lives of individuals, assisting in day-to-day activities. The development is creating a buzz in recent times. A Reddit user recently asked the generative AI technology to create a CV on his behalf to apply for job openings. The user shared his experience on Reddit. 

   I have an extremely high interview invitation rate using only chatGPT and my CV
by   u/Neither_Tomorrow_238 in   ChatGPT  

The user prompted ChatGPT with his CV and job description. He asked the technology to modify the CV/experience tailored for a particular role. “I ask it to provide outstanding answers to any question it asks, using my CV/experience to generate examples of how I have met the person’s specification with examples using the STAR framework for each and every one,” he wrote.

The user received a high response rate and invitations for interviews. “I ask it to make the application amazing, make it stand out, and make the interviewer very impressed. I have an extremely high response rate inviting me for interviews. This is for jobs that I would never have even considered myself at the level for at all. I half-heartedly go through a list of jobs and apply for them and get a response from a large amount asking me for an interview,” he added.

This comes after a professor at the University of Florida found that the model could help forecast stock prices in the financial market.

The company that launched the technology in November 2022 is now eyeing to launch a new subscription tier called ChatGPT Business. Besides, it also introduced functionality for ChatGPT users to turn off their chat history.