Amazon announced varied tools and features at its recent event, Alexa Live 2022. The recent launches are aimed at skill developers and device manufacturers providing improved user experience for Alexa customers. . The count for active Alexa users have doubled over the last three years, reaching over one million registered developers, brand, and automakers.

The announcements made at Alexa Live event, include the Alexa Connect Kit SDK for Matter, Ambient Home Dev Kit,Voice Service (AVS) , multi-assistant voice experience updates, and skill monetization tooling. 

New features are on its way! Here’s a full list

Alexa Connect Kit SDK for Matter is a new software package that brings the benefits of ACK’s managed services to Matter devices, including cloud connectivity, and over-the-air (OTA) updates for device.

Alexa Ambient Home Dev Kit includes new collection of APIs and services that will extend a variety of Alexa smart home features to developers and provide a more unified ambient smart home experience for customers.

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) SDK 3.0 combines the Alexa Smart Screen SDK and the AVS Device SDK to provide device makers with the foundational tools to build compelling and engaging Alexa voice and multimodal experiences across devices.

Universal Device Commands (UDCs) and Agent Transfers (ATs) for multi-simultaneous wake word experiences that will make it easier for customers to interact with multiple voice services on the same device. Amazon plans to enable cloud side support for UDCs and ATs within the next year.

Alexa Routines Kit enables skill developers to forward pre-built Routines to their customers when they interact with their skill. Instead of creating routines from scratch, customers can access these pre-built routines through simple voice consent and categorize in the favourites.

Alexa Shopping Kit includes a comprehensive suite of features that allow designers to embed shopping experiences within particular skill. Customers can discover, research, and purchase relevant products — all in one.