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Razer Ferox review - Mega Micro

T3 India | Updated on August 03, 2011

Razer Ferox   -  BUSINESS LINE

There must have been a rip in the timespace continuum for the Razer Ferox to land in our dimension. It looks too stylish to be of Earthly origin.

Another reason as to why we think that the Ferox is from outer space is because we can't think of a single earthling who could make proper use of it.

They're too small to be desktop material, too big and impersonal for someone on the go. After all, why would you carry these around when you could just use headphones?

At the moment, it sits between a rock and a hard place in terms of usage. Highly impractical, pricey and downright quirky.

Yet the stellar aesthetics momentarily put our thoughts to rest. These sound cans emanate a nice blue LED glow from its base, which turn red when the internal batteries are running down and in need of a charge via USB. Razer claims that they should last around 12 hours which should be more than sufficient for most.

Forsaking a subwoofer for a bass resonance chamber that makes itself seen on pressing the top — which switches it on as well — the Ferox emits clean sound. They are apt for movies and TV serials, making dialog delivery as clear as possible.

Firing up Battlefield: Bad Company 2 left us astounded with guns sounding scarily authentic. StarCraft 2 sounded great too with the in-game sound effects being sharp and lucid.

The Ferox is not for the discerning music lover unless you're the sort who likes his or her music without any bass. It undoubtedly lacks the punch making most music feel flat. So if you can justify dropping four grand on these capsules solely for the purpose of gaming, you won't be let down. For anything else might be a tad too alien for it.

Love: Gorgeous design, fantastic in-game sound

Hate: Weak bass, impractical to carry around

Rs 3,999

Published on May 04, 2011

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