Artificial intelligence (AI), Analytics and Automation, or the 3A strategy, according to IBM India MD Sandip Patel, will drive its growth in the country. Globally IBM clocked $15.5 billion in revenues, a year-on-year growth of 9.3 per cent for the quarter that ended June 30, beating market expectations. 

IBM sees AI, analytics and automation as the need of the new world. Enterprises in their digital transformation journey are accelerating automation processes, as it has become a need and demand post-pandemic. AI and analytics have become critical to maintaining a competitive edge in the market, given the high data proliferation. 

“The 3As are essentially forming the biggest technology revolutions of our time, and this is what we have been laser-focused on. Today’s IBM is a lot more focussed; our results are reflecting the very flawless execution of our strategy as a technology and transformation company,” said Patel. 

The company’s aim is to be a catalyst in driving technology transformation. In a bid to achieve the same, it has reoriented its entire portfolio, including the acquisitions it has made in the recent past around the two transformational technologies, Hybrid Cloud and AI.

IBM’s hybrid cloud revenue, over the last 12 months, was at $21.7 billion, up 19 per cent at constant currency. The company believes the fact that hybrid cloud revenue accounts for 35 per cent of overall revenue highlights the strength of its platform-centric hybrid cloud approach.

“Clients are looking for a choice today because there will never be a single cloud dominant enterprise as organizations need multi infrastructure environment. This is where the power of the hybrid cloud essentially comes in,” said Patel. 

The tech major has also made investments and working in the cybersecurity space, as it believes security has become highly relevant in the present hyper-digitised world. Patel believes there is a growing need for organisations in India to change their security posture and strengthen their digital defense through a zero-trust environment.