Pi Datacenters, which runs datacentres in Vijaywada and Kochi, has expanded its operations to Hyderabad by opening a facility with an investment of ₹100 crore. The Hyderabad facility will lead the company’s newly-formed vertical—AI Cloud.

“We have earmarked an investment of ₹200 crore on our Hyderabad operations over the next two years to expand its portfolio of AI Cloud, managed services and retail verticals,” Kalyan Muppaneni, Founder and CEO, Pi Datacenters, told businessline.

Indian data centres: Growth, investments and challenges  Indian data centres: Growth, investments and challenges  

Besides hosting a new datacentre, Hyderabad will also be the company’s new headquarters.

“It (AI Cloud) is in its nascent stage. It is like what Cloud was seven years ago. As the Cloud offerings transformed the way IT solutions were delivered and offered, AI Cloud would lead the AI adaptation. Even mission-critical solutions too are being hosted on the Cloud. AI Cloud will see a similar trend,” he said.

He said the company is planning to expand to cities like Mumbai, besides targeting the US market with Cloud-managed services.

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“With the launch of our Hyderabad operations, we would like to target retail customers. This segment of customers get us higher revenues against the large customers,” he said.

With a cumulative capacity of 5 lakh square feet of built-up area and 60 MW of power, Pi is the first greenfield and world’s 4th largest Uptime Institute TIER lV Certified Datacentre.

He said the company has invested ₹400 crore so far, including a capital expenditure of ₹200 crore on operations. 

While the Vijayawada facility, launched seven years ago, took the bulk of the work, the Kochi centre acts as a disaster recovery centre. “We serving over 300 enterprises, representing sectors like banking, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals,” he said.

He said the company has plans to target international markets with its Cloud managed services vertical.