The Reserve Bank will set up an innovation hub aimed at roping in start-ups to come up with ideas for addressing issues related to financial inclusion and efficient banking services.

The new innovation hub will encourage solutions in areas such as cyber security, data analytics and delivery platform. “To promote innovation across the financial sector by leveraging technology and create an environment which would facilitate and foster innovation, Reserve Bank will set up an innovation hub in India. The innovation hub will support, promote and hand-hold cross-thinking spanning regulatory remits and national boundaries,” the RBI said in a statement.

“The innovation hub will act as a centre for ideation and incubation of new capabilities which can be leveraged to create innovative and viable financial products and/or services to help achieve the wider objectives of deepening financial inclusion, efficient banking services, business continuity in times of emergency, strengthening consumer protection, etc,” it added.

The central bank had earlier set up a regulatory sandbox framework in which solutions related to digital payments were invited. Six proposals were accepted under the sandbox, the pilot studies/trials of which have been delayed on account of the Covid-19 situation.