Short video apps (like Moj, Chingari) have an active user base of around 250 million, and it is expected to reach around 650 million by 2025, according to a 1Lattice report titled ‘Era of Live Commerce.’

According to the report, over the last few years, on-demand digital content consumption in India has risen multi-fold. Multiple global and local platforms constitute India’s short-form video market and the top five Indian players account for 85 per cent of the combined monthly active user base. These platforms have a large, engaged user base, are well-funded, and are differentiating on multiple fronts to drive scale and engagement.

India today has more than 45 million users who create and post at least one short-form video in a month. This is giving rise to a robust creator economy - an enabling ecosystem of players helping creators with content creation, monetization, financing, and business management.

Abhishek Maiti, Director, 1Lattice said “In a very short period, short video apps have become a critical part of the digital media ecosystem in India with an active user base of ~250M, that is expected to reach ~650M by 2025. The market is booming and has massive growth headroom.”