Edtech start-up Skill-Lync has announced a partnership with engineering and digital technology solutions company Cyient to skill about 500 trained professionals by February 2022.

“We will support Cyient in adding about 500 ‘embedded professionals’ trained workforce by February 2022 and support their ambitious plan to add 4,000 embedded professions over time,” said Surya Narayanan, Chief Executive Officer of Skill-Lync.

“We have witnessed an increase in the demand for embedded professionals across sectors such as auto, avionics, and medical, with corporates showing interest in recruiting Skill-Lync engineers trained in embedded skills,” he said.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems are critical to industries including aerospace, rail, automotive, medical technology, communication networks and utilise a combination of hardware and software to enable programmable or specified functions.

Skill-Lync said it launched a new curriculum on ‘Embedded Systems Development and Validation’ to meet the requirements defined by Cyient. Besides bridging the skill gap, it will reduce the training costs.

"Bridging the skill gap in embedded software at scale is critical across industry sectors at Cyient. We hope this partnership will ensure that we have the required expertise in the embedded space to deliver innovative solutions to our global customers,” said Rajendra Kumar Patro, Senior Vice-President and Head (Global Delivery Operations) of Cyient.