Meta announced a new Pages feature on Facebook for creators to be discoverable and connect with their followers. Facebook has a new setting for creators to push content exclusively to their top fans and subscribers.

This comes after the platform debuted Facebook Reels API for app developers, allowing users to share Reels from third-party apps.

According to screenshots shared on the Meta for Creators handle on Twitter, creators can share a new post to ‘Top fans’ via audience settings. Facebook plans to later roll out another feature for creators to provide select fans early access to special content.

In addition, Facebook is launching ‘creator endorsements’ for creators to spotlight each other and recommend their followers to follow another creator they like. A ‘rising creator label’ will allow users to discover upcoming creators on the platform. The label will appear on the creator’s Page and in feeds under a “discover more rising creators to follow” carousel.

Facebook is also rolling out new post and story templates for creators to auto-mention their top fans, appreciating their support. The platform will let creators on iOS access the composer selector in the navigation bar to quickly make a Reel, Story or live stream. The social media giant recently launched a music revenue sharing feature for creators to monetise videos that use licensed music.