Google Allo debuts browser version


Chennai, Aug 16

Allo, the WhatsApp/Telegram -type messaging app from Google, now has a web version.

The web version will work only in Chrome, and is only for Android users.

Google says the web version will be released for iOS soon.

How to:

On the computer, open Allo for web.

On the phone, open Allo.

Tap Menu and then 'Allo for web' and then 'Scan QR Code'.

Scan the QR code that's on Allo for web.

If connected, Allo for web will open on the browser.

As in WhatsApp, the QR code is unique to the computer and pairs the mobile app to the computer. Allo for web shows what's on the mobile app. So if the phone runs out of battery or the user quits the mobile app, Allo for web will not work.

It remains to be seen if this move by Google will bring in more users for Allo.

Published on August 16, 2017


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