Google has announced new updates across ads and commerce at the India edition of its Google Marketing Live event.

This includes ads on YouTube Shorts, updates to Performance Max campaigns to drive conversions, and new Machine Learning-based insights reports.

Ads on Shorts 

It is expanding video action campaigns and App campaigns to YouTube Shorts. In a blog post, it said YouTube Shorts now averages over 30 billion daily views — four times as many as a year ago.

“Later this year, marketers will be able to connect product feed to campaigns and make video ads on YouTube Shorts more shoppable,” it said.

The tech giant has been experimenting with ads in YouTube Shorts since last year. It is now gradually rolling that out to advertisers globally. 

“This is an exciting milestone for advertisers, and a key step towards developing a long-term YouTube Shorts monetisation solution for creators,” it said.

Other updates 

Google has also announced updates for Performance Max campaigns, a tool for meeting customers where they are on Google channels. 

It is adding more tools for experimentation, to see how Performance Max drives incremental conversions.

It has also added expanded campaign management support in Search Ads 360 and the Google Ads mobile app.

Besides, it has also added support for in-store sales, in addition to store visits and local actions.

Other updates include burst campaigns for a set time period to help meet in-store goals during seasonal events, new insights and explanations, including attribution, audience and auction insights, and optimisation score and recommendations to improve the campaign.

It is also introducing three new insight reports that will roll out over the coming months.

“Insights page uses machine learning to identify new pockets of consumer demand and provide personalised trend data. Only Google can surface such insights, based on the billions of searches and the millions of signals it analyses for every ad auction,” it explained.

Attribution insights will show how ads work together across Google surfaces — like Search, Display and YouTube — to drive conversions.

Budget insights will help with budget optimisation and show how spend is pacing against budget goals.

Audience insights for first-party data will show how customer segments, like those created with Customer Match, drive campaign performance.

Google will also be launching My Ad Center later this year to keep users in control of their privacy and online experience. Users will be able to pick the types of ads they want to see more or less of, and control how their data informs ads they see across YouTube, Search and Discover, it said.