Instagram has rewarded Neeraj Sharma, a student from Jaipur, with cash of ₹38 lakh for saving social media accounts from being hacked. According to reports, Sharma detected a bug in Facebook’s Instagram, through which thumbnails of user accounts could be changed by hackers without login credentials.

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Sharma first encountered issues with his Instagram account in December last year. He later identified the bug and sent a report to Facebook on January 31, 2022. It highlighted the possibility of altering the thumbnail of a public reel, according to Facebook. Sharma was then asked to share a demo, following which Instagram investigated the issue.

“Thanks for your report. We have made changes in our infrastructure to prevent similar bugs from occurring in the future,” Facebook wrote a mail to Sharma in May this year and informed him about the cash reward. The social media giant also gave $4,500 as a bonus for delaying the reward by four months.