Microsoft has launched Viva Engage, a social platform for the workplace. According to an XDA Developers report, the app is built within Microsoft Teams.

Viva Engage will have features familiar to Microsoft’s Yammer Communities. Users would be able to join existing communities within the organisation and locate specific posts. Viva Engage’s upcoming features include Storyline and Stories.

Storyline is a feature similar to Facebook/ Instagram’s story timeline. According to reports, the ability lets users see relevant storyline posts of people across the organisation, along with those followed by the user. The ability will roll out in September. Users would be able to connect across Teams, Outlook, Yammer and Microsoft Viva.

Story is a feature similar to Facebook and Instagram Stories. The ability — set to roll out in the next few months — will allow users to share shorts, videos and images, which will disappear in 24 hours.