Snapchat first introduced parental control in its in-app ‘Family Center’ for the US and other regions, and now the feature has finally rolled out in India. In India, where there are millions of monthly active users, Snapchat has launched a set of initial parent control tools to help parents to oversee their kids’ activity on the social media platform and look out for their children’s safety.

Snapchat ‘Family Center’ tool

Snapchat ‘Family Center’ tool | Photo Credit: -

Through the new control tool in Snapchat, guardians can track their kids’ activities but only under the age of 18 years. The tool will show details about whom their kids are friends with online and who the kids have messaged in the last seven days. However, guardians won’t be able to see the exact content of the texts exchanged in the chats. If parents think that there is any safety issue regarding their children on the app, they can head to Snap’s Trust and Safety team for a review.

Parent’s Guide to Family Center

Parent’s Guide to Family Center | Photo Credit: -

According to reports, Snapchat said that it is collaborating with non-profit organisations in India to spread awareness about the Family Center feature, and will keep on adding other features over time. Earlier, Snapchat introduced features where teens are required to have mutual friends before they can start a chat. Moreover, the app does not allow teenagers to have public profiles.