Telegram has added features, including translation, profile picture maker, and emoji categories. The translation feature allows premium users to translate entire chats, groups, and channels in real-time using the translate bar at the top.

According to reports, all users can translate individual messages by selecting them.

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The profile photo maker lets users turn any sticker or animated emoji into a profile picture for their accounts, groups, or channels. All users can use animated and custom emojis for their pictures. The company also added emoji categories in which users get stickers and emoji sorted by categories. 

In addition, the platform also added a network usage feature that allows users to see how much data has been used by Telegram. The auto-save incoming media feature lets users control when media is saved automatically to their gallery based on its size, type, and chat. The platform has also introduced annual premium subscription, chat selection for bots, re-login with Apple and Google ID, new custom emojis, and new interactive emojis. 

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