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WhatsApp has rolled out the voice message transcripts feature to WhatsApp beta for iOS, as per Wabetainfo. This new feature provides voice text content when playing the audio for flexibility.

As in the screenshot, the transcription is added to the message bubble. A voice text transcript is enabled by default in in-app settings. The setting can be changed via WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Voice Message Transcripts.

The new feature preserves end-to-end encryption as the transcription process occurs on-device, through language packs. For this reason, the ability to transcribe messages is only available for some users on iOS 16.

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WhatsApp’s new feature for voice notes also allows users to search for specific information within the message. When a voice note is transcribed, the text is indexed, making it searchable. For instance, if a user is looking for certain information within a long voice note, or they do not remember which voice note contains the content they are looking for, they can search for the relevant keyword or phrase by using the search bar, and the transcription will highlight where that text appears within the message.