YouTube is making it easier for users to watch the most replayed parts of a video.

“We’re launching a graph that you can use to watch the most replayed parts of a video,” it said in a post.

“While seeking, you’ll see a graph showing you the most frequently replayed parts of the video. If the graph is high, then that part of the video has been replayed often,” it further explained. 

The feature is being rolled out  to viewers on desktop and mobile.

Other updates 

The video sharing platform is also rolling out video chapters (including new auto-generated chapters) on Smart TVs and gaming consoles. Video chapters, launched in May 2020, break up videos into sections, allowing users to jump forward to a specific section

On its ‘Loop’ feature, the Google-owned platform said, “You can now use the single loop feature to keep one video playing for as long as you want.”

New experimental feature 

It will also be testing a new feature for Premium users that will let them skip to a specific moment in a video.

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