Super Plastronics, a licensee manufacturer of televisions for Thomson Kodak, will commission its expansion plan next month.

It has set up a ₹150-crore factory in Noida, next to the existing facility, which will take its production capacity to five lakh units from about three lakh now.

Avneet Singh Marwah, Chief Executive Officer of Super Plastronics, said: “In the short time since we rolled out Kodak and Thomson brand TV sets, we have garnered a market share of about 2 per cent. We are looking at increasing the share to 4.5 per cent by 2019-2020.” Speaking to BusinessLine , Marwah said, “Within a couple of years we have increased the Kodak brand presence, both online and through offline stores, and in about a year the Thomson brand has made rapid strides through its exclusive association with Flipkart. We have plants in Jammu, Himachal and Noida.”

“We plan to roll out a number of new models during the year. Various trends point towards increased adoption of smart TVs and within our portfolio too about 80 per cent TVs sold are smart TVs,” he said.

The company closed 2018-19 with revenues of ₹350 crore and expects to hit ₹500 crore in 2019-2020.

New Kodak TV range

The company announced the launch of two models under the Kodak XPRO series in 32 and 40 inches. These TVs come with a Quad Core 1.5 Ghz, a 1 GB memory and a flash storage of up to 8 GB. These latest offerings are equipped with Kodak smart wall which comes with Wi-Fi, USB connectivity, and is pre-loaded with Apps like Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Netflix.

Marwah said, “The TV market is growing at 7-8 per cent and last year had overall sales volume of about 11 million sets. The worrisome part of the TV business is the flood of new range of TV sets through parallel channels.”

By conservative estimates, the government is facing a loss of about $1 billion in revenues through this parallel channel, he said, quoting industry sources.