Swiss data security firm SECUDE expects more orders from DRDO

| Updated on: Jan 09, 2018


The firm’s Halocore data security solution is at present being implemented at DRDO’s Reserarch Centre Imarat, Hyderabad

Swiss company SECUDE, which specialises in providing security for SAP (Systems Applications and Products) software, expects more orders from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) after the successful implementation of its software at DRDO’s Reserarch Centre Imarat, Hyderabad (RCI).

The implementation of SECUDE’s Halocore data security solution is at present going on at RCI’s purchase division. The DRDO is considering using the product in other RCI divisions, and 23 Defence labs, according to M Dola Krishna, Director - Sales, Secude India, who implemented the solution at RCI.

The DRDO is Secude’s first client in India. The firm is talking with large Indian companies and other Defence establishments to implement its product, Krishna told BusinessLine .

At RCI, Halocare protects critical data that is responsible for the R&D of missile systems, guided weapons and advanced avionics for the Indian armed forces, he said.

Krishna said RCI uses SAP as its core ERP (enterprise resource planning) system and integrates vital processes for seamless throughput. With a large amount of critical information, any unmonitored leak can cause huge disruption to operations, he said.

Halocore protects intellectual property and sensitive information extracted from SAP systems by integrating directly with SAP. This approach allows RCI to maintain a high level of control and security over sensitive documents extracted from SAP. It enables an enterprise to block data that should not move out of SAP and protect data that is required outside of SAP, Krishna said.

Secude also has a team of nearly 20 people in Chennai working on development, testing and IT support, he said.

Published on August 04, 2017
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