In the post pandemic world, technology will play an ever larger role in helping enterprises adapt to the new normaland Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will partner with customers in their growth journeys.

“Your company is well poised to take the lead in the partnering with customers to recover and rebound onto their growth and transformation journeys,” Tata Sons’ and TCS Chairman N Chandrasekaran told shareholders in the company’s 25th AGM today.

“The lockdowns tested the agility, resilience and adaptability of our delivery model and the speed and agility with which we have responded has emerged us stronger, with our model now proven to be able to adapt to extreme shocks,” he said.

Secure Borderless Workspaces

The new operating model – Secure Borderless Workspaces (SBWS) – has switched focus from the highly-centralised model, with large companies accommodating thousands of employees to an extreme form of distributed delivery. This enabled 90 per cent of TCS 4.48 lakh workforce work remotely in a matter of days, he added.

TCS, the country’s largest IT company by revenue, hosted a virtual AGM.

“The SBWS not just enabled remote access but also calibrated our project management framework and security posture so that work could be properly allocated, governed and reported while maintaining stringent security controls,” he said, adding, SBWS is an extension of the Open Agile Work framework that was pioneered by TCS two years ago.

The emergence of Covid-19 has resulted in many sectors adopting digital channels, these options which were secondary and nice-to-have options have become the primary channels, and in some instances, the only channels.

“This is the transformation we had spoken of five years ago, when we said ‘Default is Digital”. This sharp shift in consumer preferences has now forced enterprises to significantly accelerate their digital transformation initiatives,” he added.

Though the pandemic reversed the positive momentum that TCS had started seeing in, some of its biggest verticals in the first half of the quarter, on the positive side, the company had very strong deal closures during the last quarter. The order book was the largest-ever, from the time the company started reporting the metric.

At present, TCS has 49 customers who spend more than $100 million a year with it, he added.

“The strength of these relationships and the trust we enjoy is what gives us the confidence that we will come out of these difficult times stronger together,” he added.

TCS is also using its technology prowess to help combat Covid-19 by leveraging its R&D infrastructure to run multiple threads, looking for opportunities to support high priority needs across the world.

“Some of our initiatives include the Covid-19 patient tracker, creating a quick and light platform for clinical trials systems to rapidly collate effectiveness data in collaboration with pharma and medical institutions, drug molecule discovery using our patented technology and frameworks and exploring promising ideas for affordable and effective ventilators and kits,” he added.