How tech-savvy are you?

Every minute is translating into some technological advancement in some part of our world. Being globally connected, access to these advancements is instantaneous. Though I’m not an early adopter of these advancements, I do upgrade my gadgets periodically.

What gadgets do you use?

I use a lot gadgets but I frequently use the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Apple iPad for work when I travel.

What is the latest gadget you picked up?

I recently picked up a Celestron binocular. I’m an avid bird watcher, primarily because it allows me to spend time with nature. I visit Vedanthangal, the country’s oldest bird sanctuary, every year during peak season.

Which is your dream machine?

My dream machine will be an all-in-one gadget that is the size of a smartphone. I want a device that is equipped with PC-like computing capabilities, an enormous virtual screen and an advanced keypad. Small and powerful is always beautiful.

What is the most successful technology accordingly to you?

The most successful technology is telecommunications, next only to ‘The Invention of The Wheel.’ Telecommunications has redefined the way the world communicates. The world with the accelerating growth of telecommunications is shrinking beyond our imagination.

One instance when technology solved your problem.

Commuting is one major problem I encounter, especially when I travel to new places. I make sure that I carry my GPS Navigation System with me everywhere. This is often my trusted guide. At work, we extensively come across challenges in Big Data and Data visualisation. For which we use Hadoop, Dojo, HTML 5 and Java Script.

What apps do you use?

Zoho ShowMote tops my preference list. The app converts smartphones into a remote, which helps in accessing presentations from a virtual space. This is very handy and I find it very useful. I also use Zoho Docs, Documents-to-go to manage my work on the move.